ICMS provides extensive services in the following areas:

Product Evaluation

ICMS works closely with the crop production industry to develop protocols to evaluate their clients’ products and systems. To complete field testing in a variety of cropping zones differing in geography, climate, and soil type, ICMS has research locations throughout Canada.

With experience in a wide range of cropping systems including small grains, oilseeds, pulses, row crops, forages, turf, vegetables, fruits, and industrial situations, ICMS works with clients to design evaluation programs that meet their specific needs. Some examples of product evaluation services include:

Evaluation of crop protection products, adjuvants, minor use registration –

  • Evaluation of product efficacy on plants, diseases and insects
  • Small batch seed treating for research testing
  • Development and conduct of minor use label expansions
  • Confidentiality assured

Crop variety evaluation and testing of breeding lines –

  • Regional performance trials
  • Public and Private Data Co-ops
  • Screening for agronomic performance, disease and herbicide tolerance
  • Solid–seeded and row crops
  • Inoculated pathology screening
  • Screening of new plant introductions, biotypes, etc.

Specialized studies designed to meet specific client demands –

  • Small-scale stored grain fumigation studies
  • Hydroponic production for micro-nutrient evaluation
  • Greenhouse pesticide, fertilizer and breeding line evaluation
  • Greenhouse production of transplants and breeding lines (single seed)
  • Isolated production for genetic purity (cages, bags, physical isolation)
  • Customized and purpose-built apparatus/equipment

Crop production research –

  • Systems evaluation and development
  • Contract resource agronomists for grower associations

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GLP–Compliant Services

ICMS first conducted GLP field trials in 1991, and has expertise in the conduct of terrestrial field dissipations, DFR, MOR/RAC and aquatic dissipation studies. ICMS operates research facilities in Portage la Prairie, MB; Saskatoon, SK; Fort Saskatchewan, AB; and Abbotsford, BC and travels outward from these stations as much as four hours by road. ICMS also services a wide range of environments in the surrounding areas, including the Okanagan Valley in BC.

  • ICMS research stations directly service EPA/PMRA GLP Zones 5, 7, 11, 12, and 14
  • ICMS offers clients trials in additional GLP zones through the use of qualified independent research associates in other areas of Canada
  • ICMS has experience providing these services for multiple MOR/RAC and terrestrial field dissipation studies
  • Quality Assurance auditing services* are provided through an in–house Quality Assurance Officer to external clients (e.g., other contract research organizations, public institutions, sponsors/clients) as well as to ICMS in–house team
  • Project management services include:
    • GLP study plan development
    • Field data notebook generation
    • Study Directorship and/or project management
    • Trial oversight, trial summary and final report writing

Due to industry demand, ICMS offers final report writing services. Generally the sponsor/client provides the field data notebook, all supplemental data, the analytical report, and selects a report template of their choosing. Timelines for final report writing vary with the number of trial sites per study and the complexity of each trial, with all strictly–adhered to deadlines being agreed prior to initiation.

*NOTE: Audits cover Organization for Economic Co–operation and Development – (OECD) ENV/MC/CHEM (98)17, Food and Drug Administration – (FDA) 21 CFR Part 58 and Environmental Protection Agency – (EPA) Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) 40 CFR Part 160 as well as trials under CFIA regulation for novel traits. Services include: pre–initiation Study Plan audits, in–phase critical event audits, facility audits, logbook and trial notebook auditing (paper and electronic), and final report auditing.

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Regulatory Services

ICMS provides the following regulatory services:

Canadian Regulatory Representation

ICMS acts as Canadian Agent and Regulatory Mailing Address for companies who do not have Canadian representation.

Pest Control Product Registration

Services to register or amend products in Canada include:

  • Establishing data requirements, costs and timelines
  • Designing field research programs
  • Protocol generation
  • Treatment and rate determination
  • Determination of commercial standards
  • Writing rationales and summaries
  • Summarizing Part 10 Value Data
  • Creating or revising Canadian product labels
  • Arrangement and management of sub–contracted services in other zones and jurisdictions

User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion (URMULE) Preparation

Review data, compile information and write rationales required for URMULE applications on behalf of a user group or industry sponsor to prepare information for submission.

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Canadian & U.S. Crop Field Trial Regions Map

Ecological Regions Map

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